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2. Uluslararası Kur’ān’ı Yeniden Düşünme
İlmi Toplantısı
10-11 Mayıs 2014

-  HISTORY OF PHILOSOPHY CONFERENCE on Interactions in history of Philosophy
7th to 9th November 2013
Istanbul, Turkey

-  Young Writer Award

Dear Friends,
We are pleased to inform you that the Young Writers Award is being offered once again in 2013. US$1,000 will be awarded for an unpublished essay concerning the teachings of Muhyiddin Ibn 'Arabi by an author under the age of 35. The deadline for entries is October 1, 2013.

These are the criteria for entry:

The author must be under the age of 35 on 31st December 2013 (i.e. born on or after 1st January 1979).
The essay must be in English, and not more than 9000 words in length (excluding any notes, references, bibliography and summary).
It must be the original work of the person submitting it, and be unpublished at the time of entry,
The submission must be prefaced by a short summary of between 100-150 words.
The submission should include a bibliography and be page-numbered throughout. Citations and quotations must be fully referenced.
Previous entrants can re-submit, but previous winners cannot.

We would like to make the prize as widely known as possible, and so would be very grateful if you would consider forwarding this to any friends or colleagues whom you think would be interested in entering.
We also provide an A4 poster for download which is designed to be displayed on notice-boards in order to publicise this opportunity even more widely. If you have easy access to such a place, we would be grateful if you could print it out and pin it up. The entry form with full details is also provided.
If you have any queries about the prize, please do not hesitate to contact me or the UK secretary of the Society.
Best wishes,
Jane Clark
Senior Research Fellow
Muhyiddin Ibn 'Arabi Society
P.O. Box 892, Oxford OX2 7XL, UK
Attached (1) Poster (2) Entry Form

-  Special Research Fund - Doctoral Scholarships for Candidates fromDeveloping Countries

Türk Ocakları’nın 100. ve Pamukkale Üniversitesi’nin kuruluşunun 20. Yılı anısına 6-7 Aralık 2012 tarihleri arasında

“Türk Tefekkür Dünyası Bilgi Şöleni”ni





03-04-05 May 2013

Ankara / TURKEY

2013 John Smith Fellowship Programme in UK
2013 Fellowships are offered by John Smith Memorial Trust for Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Russia and Ukraine Students in.. [Read Full Scholarship Detail]

2013 ASCA PhD Fellowships in Humanities at University of Amsterdam in Netherlands

University of Amsterdam offers PhD Fellowships in Humanities at Faculty of Humanities – Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis in Netherlands.. [Read Full Scholarship Detail]

The World Congresses of Philosophy are organized every five years by the International Federation of Philosophical Societies in collaboration with one of its member societies. The xxiii World Congress of Philosophy will be held from August 4 through August 10, 2013, in Athens, Greece, under the auspices of the Hellenic Organizing Committee, which has been constituted by the Greek Philosophical Society.

2012 Postdoctoral Fellowships for Fernand Braudel-IFER Incoming Programme, France

The Fondation Maison des Sciences de l’Homme offers Postdoctoral Fellowships for International Researchers in the field of Social and Human Sciences, France.. [Read Full Scholarship Detail]

2013 Mellon Fellowships for Dissertation Research in Original Sources in USA
2013 Mellon Fellowships for Dissertation Research in Original Sources are offered by Andrew W. Mellon Foundation in Humanities and Related
.. [Read Full Scholarship Detail]
Mica and Ahmet Ertegun Graduate Scholarships Programme in Humanities, 2013/14 UK

Master’s Scholarships in the field of Humanities for International Students at University of Oxford, 2013/14 UK Study Subject(s):Humanities Course Level:Master’s.. [Read Full Scholarship Detail]

[
Doctoral Research Fellowship Positions in History of Philosophy at University of Oslo, 2012 Norway

University of Oslo offers Doctoral Research Fellowship in the Department of Philosophy, Classics, History of Art and Ideas, 2012 Norway
.. [Read Full Scholarship Detail]

2013-2014 Advanced Academia Fellowships for International Scholars, Bulgaria

The Centre for Advanced Study Sofia (CAS Sofia) offers Advanced AcademiaFellowships for International Scholars at Bulgaria, 2013-2014 Study Subject(s):Humanities.. [Read Full Scholarship Detail]

2012 PhD Positions in Arts at Scuola Normale Superiore of Pisa, Italy

PhD Positions in Classical Philology, Language, Literature, and History, Modern Philology, Language, and Literature, Philosophy , History , Art History.. [Read Full Scholarship Detail]

Kofi Annan Fellowship for Developing Countries Students, Germany

European School of Management and Technology offers Fellowship for MBA students from Developing Countries, Germany Subject(s):Business Administration Course Level:Masters Scholarship.. [Read Full Scholarship Detail]

2012 Mosaic PhD Scholarship for Developing Countries, Netherlands

Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO) offers PhD scholarship for Developing countries at Netherlands, 2012 Study Subject(s):Any Subject Course Level:PhD.. [Read Full Scholarship Detail]

2012 Small Grants for Research in Arts and Humanities at King’s College London, UK
MPhil and PhD Research in Arts & Humanities for International Students at King’s College London, UK 2012 Study Subject(s):Arts &.. [Read Full Scholarship Detail]

Sir Francis Hill Postgraduate Scholarship in Social Sciences and Arts, UK 2012

PhD Research Scholarship for International students in the Faculties of Arts or Social Science at the University of Nottingham, 2012.. [Read Full Scholarship Detail]

2012 TWAS Fellowships for Research and Advanced Training

TWAS offers Fellowships for Young Scientists from Developing Countries at Research Institution in any Developing Country 2012 Study Subject(s):Natural sciences.. [Read Full Scholarship Detail]

Norman Malcolm Fellowship in Philosophy at King’s College London, UK 2012
Research Fellowship in Philosophy for All Nationality Students at King’s College London, UK 2012 Study Subject(s):Philosophy Course Level:Research Scholarship Provider:.. [Read Full Scholarship Detail]

Pegasus Marie Curie Postdoctoral Fellowships, 2012 Belgium

Postdoctoral Fellowships in Biological sciences, Humanities, Social sciences, Medical sciences, Exact and applied sciences at Flemish universities, Belgium 2012 Study
.. [Read Full Scholarship Detail]

2012 Newcastle University Russia Scholarships for Postgraduates, UK
Postgraduate Scholarships in Humanities Arts and Social Sciences (HASS), Science, Agriculture and Engineering (SAgE), and Medical Sciences (FMS) for Russians.. [Read Full Scholarship Detail]

Doctoral Research Fellowship in European Studies at University of Oslo, 2012 Norway
PhD Fellowship in the field of Social Sciences and the humanities at ARENA Centre for European Studies, University of Oslo,.. [Read Full Scholarship Detail]

The Newton International Fellowship in Physical, Natural and Social Sciences and Humanities, 2012 UK
Postdoctoral research in the field of physical, natural and social sciences and the humanities for international Researchers at UK research.. [Read Full Scholarship Detail]

2012 Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences Scholarships at University of Bath, UK
International Master’s Scholarships in Humanities and Social Sciences at University of Bath, UK 2012 Study Subject(s):Humanities and Social Sciences Course
.. [Read Full Scholarship Detail]

International Fellowship for Early to Mid-Career Urban Scholars, 2012 UK

Fellowship Programme for Early to Mid-Career Urban Scholars in the field of geography, political science, economics, sociology, demography at the.. [Read Full Scholarship Detail]

JFUNU Scholarship for Master’s Students from Developing Countries at United Nations University ISP, Japan

The Japan Foundation funded JFUNU Scholarship for Master’s students from developing countries in the field of Science in Sustainability, Development,.. [Read Full Scholarship Detail]

2012-2013 MA & PhD Bursaries for International Students in Social Sciences at Bangor University, UK

Bangor University offers MA & PhD Bursaries in the field of Social Sciences for International Students at School of Social.. [Read Full Scholarship Detail]

Call for Applications: University of Pavia (UNIPV) Scholarship for Developing Country, Italy 2012-2013

Scholarship for Developing Country Students for Studying , Research and/or Training at University of Pavia, Italy 2012-2013 Study Subject(s):Courses offered
.. [Read Full Scholarship Detail]

The 2013-2014 Radcliffe Institute Fellowship Program at Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study, USA

Fellowship Programme in the field of sciences, humanities, social sciences, mathematics, arts, and professions at Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study.. [Read Full Scholarship Detail]

2012 International Students House Scholarships at University of Westminster, UK

University of Westminster offers Master’s Scholarship for Applicants from Developing Country, UK 2012 Study Subject(s):Courses offered by the University Course.. [Read Full Scholarship Detail]

2012 Rajbir Singh Scholarship for Developing Countries at University of Westminster, UK

Master’s Scholarship for Developing Countries Students at University of Westminster, UK Study Subject(s):Courses offered by the University Course Level:Master’s Scholarship.. [Read Full Scholarship Detail]

Newman Doctoral Scholarship in Theology, Philosophy, and Canon Law 2012/13, France

The Catholic University of Paris offers international doctoral scholarship in Theology, Philosophy, and Canon Law, 2012/13 France Study Subject(s):Theology, Philosophy,.. [Read Full Scholarship Detail]

2012 / 2013 Call for Application:Milena Jesenská Fellowships, Austria

Journalists Research Fellowship program for the applicants of EU,Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Turkey to pursue Human sciences research at Institute of.. [Read Full Scholarship Detail]

UNESCO Developing Countries Fellowships Programme – 2012 2013

UNESCO/ISEDC Co-Sponsored Fellowships Programme – 2012 The aim of this fellowships programme is to enhance the capacity-building and human resources.. [Read Full Scholarship Detail]

Fully-funded Masters Scholarship for Overseas Students at University of London, UK

Centenary Masters Scholarship for overseas students at University of London, UK Study Subject(s):Courses offered by university Course Level:Masters Scholarship Provider:.. [Read Full Scholarship Detail]

2012 Frankfurt School Scholarships at Frankfurt School of Finance and Management, Germany

Master’s and Bachelor Scholarship in Management, Philosophy & Economics,Business Administration , Finance at Frankfurt School of Finance and Management, Germany.. [Read Full Scholarship Detail]

2012 International Excellence Scholarships at Royal Holloway University of London, UK

Royal Holloway University of London offers Excellence Scholarships for Undergraduate or postgraduate students from any country in the world, UK.. [Read Full Scholarship Detail]

ISU Masters Scholarships for International Students, 2012/13 France

The International Space University offers scholarships for international applicants of Europe,United States ,Canada, ISU Affiliates, developing countries and other countries.. [Read Full Scholarship Detail]

2012 Christine and Ian Bolt Scholarships for Postgraduate, USA

Postgraduate Research Scholarships in the field of Humanities or Social Science , USA 2012 Study Subject(s):Humanities or Social Science Course.. [Read Full Scholarship Detail]

2012 Graduate and PhD Scholarship at King Abdulaziz University(KAU), Saudi Arabia

Graduate and PhD  Scholarship for International students in Humanities, Science, Arabic language and Engineering at King Abdulaziz University, Saudi Arabia.. [Read Full Scholarship Detail]

2012 Georg Forster Postdoctoral Research Fellowships for Students of Developing Countries, Germany

Humboldt Foundation funded Postdoctoral Research fellowship for the students from Developing Country in the field of Natural Sciences , Engineering,Humanities,.. [Read Full Scholarship Detail]

Leibniz-DAAD Research Fellowships – Announcement 2012, Germany

The Leibniz-DAAD Research fellowships offer highly-qualified recent foreign postdocs the opportunity to conduct special research at institutes of the Leibniz.. [Read Full Scholarship Detail]

Viaje y Creacion / Travel and Creation,

Part of the Third International  IBAFF Film Festival, Murcia, Spain 5th -10th March
featuring  special Cinema Workshop by Abbas Kiarostami

This year's festival includes a series of seminars on the life and ideas of Ibn 'Arabi

Speakers include:

Cecilia Twinch: Ibn 'Arabi - Imagination, Creation and Creativity
Stephen Hirtenstein
Richard Twinch : The One and the Many

Please see the IBAFF website for further information (Spanish/English).

5th and 6th May 2012, Worcester College, Oxford.
'Spiritual Realisation – Knowledge and Practice'
The 29th annual symposium of the Muhyiddin Ibn 'Arabi Society in the UK.

Speakers and provisional titles of papers

Eric Geoffroy: To be announced
Archbishop Gregorios of Thyateira and Great Britain:  Praxis, Theoria and Theologica
James Morris: "As for your Lord's blessings, recount them!": Ibn 'Arabi's Storytelling and Spiritual Communication
Mohammed Rustom: On Aspiration and Poverty
Cemal Nur Sargut: Living through the Spectacles of Tasavvuf
Alison Yiangou: To be announced


Broadly, the main speakers will deliver papers on Saturday morning and Sunday morning. Each afternoon those who delivered papers in the morning will hold seminars, enabling the subject of their paper to be discussed and examined in more depth. There will also be short presentations by post-graduate students. There will be a meal at a nearby restaurant on Saturday evening. More details of the programme will be published soon, also booking forms.

For details of speakers see

Seminars & Lectures

USA: Ojai, January 21 & Mill Valley, January 29, 2012
Ibn 'Arabi Society USA, January Workshops California

Nick Yiangou of the US Society writes: After the great success of the Ibn ‘Arabi and Rumi conference in New York in November, we are very pleased to announce that Richard and Cecilia Twinch from the UK Ibn 'Arabi Society in Oxford will be presenting a series of half-day seminars and lectures for our West Coast members and supporters.

The workshops will be held in two locations, one in Southern California in the Ojai valley one hour north of Los Angeles, and one in Northern California in the Bay Area county of Marin.

Registration for these half-day events is now open.

London 21 February - 20 March, 5 sessions 
The Ringstones of Wisdom (Fusus al-hikam)
The Divine Wisdom in the Word of Adam
Leaders Jane Clark and Cecilia Twinch
Time 7 – 8.30pm. Please arrive promptly.
Venue in London W14; full address on booking
Course cost
£30 or £25 Members of the Temenos Academy / Concessions

Oxford UK : Univ. of Oxford, April 18 - May 16, 2012
Department for Continuing Education:
The Gemstones Of Wisdom: Readings From Ibn 'Arabi's Fusus Al-Hikam
This course will focus on this famous work of Muhyiddin Ibn 'Arabi (1165-1240), reading and discussing the chapter on 'The Wisdom of Exaltedness in the Word of Ishmael'. It will be led by Jane Clark and Stephen Hirtenstein, and will take place on Wednesday evenings over five weeks from Wednesday 18 April to Wednesday 16 May 2012. 
and search for Gemstones

Latest Society Podcast
Fatemeh Keshavarz: How Sweetly with a Kiss Is the Speech Interrupted: The Dynamism of Silence in Rumi's Lyric Poetry

"Ibn Arabi and Rumi: Teachings for the Modern World".
Ibn Arabi Symposium, Columbia University, New York, 2011

If you have events, lectures etc. taking place in your part of he work please let us know - others may wish to join you.


8th & 9th March IBAFF (Ibn Arabi Film Festival) Symposium Murcia, Spain

 Fəlsəfi Diskurs

Hörmətli iştirakçılarımız!

Fəlsəfi Diskurs öz müzakirələrini və fəlsəfi seminarlarını müəyyən müddətə qədər təxirə salır.
Yeni tədbirlərimiz barədə məlumatlar veriləcək!

  Elmi konfranslar və faydalı linklər
Fəlsəfə və sosial-siyasi elmlər – 2020, № 2 Hər ötən il bizi sürətlə, hızlı bir şəkildə müəmmalı bir gələcəyə daşıyır. Bəşəriyyət/insanlıq sanki yeni bir başlanğıcın bəkləntisindədir. Fəlsəfi fikir də özünün hadisələri qabaqlamaq missiyasında uğurlu ola bilmir. Çünki dünya/cahan bir tərəfdən, elmin/bilimin bəlirlədiyi hakim düşüncə tərzinin yedəyində gedir, digər tərəfdən, elm bu missiya üçün yetərli olmadığından dolayı, sükan sahibsiz qalmış və sükana “siyasi liderlər” yiyələnmişdir.
İnsan: kamilliyin arxitektonikası Kitabda kamillik problemi əvvəlcə bir ideya və ruh hadisəsi kimi fəlsəfə tarixi kontekstində, daha sonra isə ictimai bir hadisəsi kimi so­sial fəlsəfə kontekstində araşdırılır.
Həyatın özü və görünən üzü Kitabda ictimai həyatın müxtəlif sahələri, konkret hadisələr insan həyatının mənası ilə, daxili yaşantılarla qarşılıqlı əlaqədə nəzərdən keçirilir.
Həyatın özü və görünən üzü Müəllifin publisistik əsərlərindən ibarət ikicildliyin ikinci cildinə ölkəmizdə elm və təhsilin vəziyyəti, aktual problemləri, həmçinin, dil, din, millət, fəlsəfənin milli özünüdərkdə rolu, ziyalı məsuliyyəti haqqında məqalələr daxil edilmişdir.

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